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Oneness vs. Trinity Debate

Oneness vs. Trinity Debate

This is a debate between David Bernard and Gene Cook.  Each side is given 15 minutes to give their point of view.  Than each side is given 5 minute to rebutt what the other side said.  Than each side is given 10 minutes to ask the other side questions on their point of view.  Than each side is given three minute to close up.  Finally the audiance is given an opportunity to ask a question and both sides are to answer them.  In the end, no side is declared a victor.  This is left up to the hearer.

I believe God wants to challange our thinking.  He doesn't want us to take other men's word for granted.

Personally I grew up in the trinitarian doctrine.  Than in 1994 God had me attend a oneness church for 3 1/2 years.  My first 6 months there, God had me in the word and the Strong Concordanance doing a study on this very topic.  I seen points from both sides that were right and I seen points from both sides that were wrong.  I was challenged, my belief system was shaken, and remolded.  This begin my journey in the study of God's word that hasn't stopped to this very day.

So I hope that this video will challenge you.  Don't jump on one bandwagon, but do your own research.  I promise you won't be disappointed.