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The Creator's Calendar - Part 5

The Creator's Calendar

Part 5 of 5

When Does The Day Begin & When Does The Biblical Month Begin


Posted by claudia on
If you read the Torah or KJV it is clearly identified that the word light is called Day (with a capital D) and and the darkness He called Night with a capital N....Then He combined the two stating...."And there was an evening and there was morning, the first day (small case d). Also, the Exodus- God brought them out at night (even) and freed them from Egypt. speaks of hte Passover being observed (at even) and verse 51 "and it came to pass that SELF SAME DAY (during the evening, darkness) that the Lord did bring the children out of the land of Egypt by their armies"....a new day therefore, does start at Even (sundown)....they were given flesh at even and Manna in the morning's(v 8). ...v 22.. "and it came to pass that on the sixth day they gathered twice as much bread" (Manna). Therefore it was morning of the sixth when they gathered Twice as much Manna. Since they didn't gather Flesh (the quails) at night on the Sixth to hold over "till morning" it's clear that gathering Quails at even on th eSixth would have been during Sabbath and there there were no quails to gather at even nor Manna the next "morning. If the new day begins at Even to even, this makes perfect sense. If however, the new day begins in the morning, at dawn, this doesn't make sense. nor does the preparations for Messiah's burial make sense because the preparations if done on a day that is Morning to Morning, the Sabbath would have been violated... Therefore, an Even to even Day is correct as the preparations were done before Dawn following the Sabbath....
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