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The Creator's Calendar - Part 1

The Creator's Calendar

Part 1 of 5

Which Calendar Does The Creator Recognize?


Posted by walter blair on
shalom brother hope you and family are well I keep going over your videos
Posted by Sarah on
excellent teaching! I really appreciated the way you have presented the topic.
Posted by Talei Apted on
Shalom Norman from Brisbane Australia.

It is with excitement and appreciation that I write this email. My friend, Georgina and I have been following the Lunar Shabbat for some 8 years now with some major opposition from the rest of our friends who follow the Saturday shabbat. The one aspect that hadn't been revealed to us was "When does the Year begin" which we discovered in your video last night. We would like to thank you for your teaching on this. It has completed the calendar for us. Furthermore it is the first time we have heard of someone that agrees on the Creation Calendar i.e. the Lunar Shabbat, the New Moon, when does the day begin, when the year begins and even more exciting is the "Count to Shavuot" NOT being 50 days. Your presentation of scriptures and teaching has enhanced our understanding greatly and completed the count cycle with the revelation of "When the Year Begins. What is even more amazing is Yahuwah's timing - this information has arrived before the New Year/Abib which is the next new moon. If at all possible could you please email us your sources of your teaching on "When the Year Begins" as we are about to share this information with another believer who is following the Lunar Shabbat. Also if at all possible are your notes on the Creators calendar available in PDF or Word format?

We wait in anticipation for your response.

May Yahuwah Bless and Keep You.

Shalom and Kind regards
Georgina and Talei
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